Physical Conditions

The physical environment in which young people live affects their resilience and their ability to be healthy, happy, and safe. The built environment affects whether people live actively and interact with the world around them, in places such as schools, community centres, youth centres, libraries, sidewalks, bike paths, trails, parks, and sports and recreation facilities. Public transportation can help to ensure that youth from all socio-economic groups are able to participate in their communities. Access to good food, affordable and decent housing, clean air, safe water, and sanitation are also foundations for individual and community health.

Strategies to create physical conditions that fosters for resilience:

  • Advocate with youth to improve for access to more physical resources that improve their resilience, health, well-being, and development.
  • Give them opportunities to experience the natural environment and learn about how to conserve it.
  • Work with youth to address food security by setting up a community garden, good food box, or community kitchens.

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