School links

YouThrive has been developed with educators in mind. YouThrive uses language and concepts that are aligned with the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

The Ontario Health and Physical Education Healthy Living Strand encourages youth to make connections beyond themselves to understand how their health is connected with that of others and is affected by factors in the world around them. Check out Make the links for more information.

Living skills from the health and physical education curriculum are also addressed throughout YouThrive. Students learn critical thinking skills as well as how to limit risks and to build on the protective factors that will increase their resilience as they confront life’s challenges.

Foster resilience in schools

Community success stories are highlighted throughout the resource, illustrating the different ways communities across Ontario are creating change.The stories listed below occur in a school setting and include examples where youth have been supported to thrive in a school community.

YouThrive also offers downloadable activities for educators to take Action now. This section provides a step-by-step process to help you, and the youth you work with, to make changes in your school community—changes that help young people be healthy, happy, and safe.