How to use YouThrive

Drill deeper into YouThrive to build your understanding, or use it as a quick reference guide. Look for ideas on how to take action and make a difference. YouThrive includes the following sections:

  • About this resource: This section talks about the purpose of YouThrive, how to use it, why it was developed, and who was involved.
  • Make the links: Find out what helps young people successfully manage life’s ups and downs. How can they avoid acting in ways that can harm their health, like using tobacco, alcohol, and other substances?
  • The health issues: Learn more about youth and mental health, substance use and misuse, and tobacco use.
  • The health of Ontario’s youth: Find statistics on health outcomes and risk-taking behaviour among young people in Ontario.
  • That’s not fair!: Health inequities:  Find out why some groups of youth are more likely to act in ways that risk their health.
  • Use a health promotion approach: Find out how to use this approach to support positive mental health and prevent both tobacco use and substance misuse.
  • Foster resilience: Learn more about the qualities of resilient youth and the factors that affect young people’s resilience.
  • Action now: This step-by-step roadmap supports you work with youth to make a community where youth thrive.
  • Toolboxtools: Need more information? Looking for activities to use in your community? Use this complete list of resources and referrals.
  • School links: Connect YouThrive to Ontario’s Health and Physical Education (HPE) Curriculum.
  • Community success storiestrophy: Stories about communities across Ontario making change.
  • Glossary: Learn about the special terms and key words used in YouThrive.